A Cute Girl with Nasty Look

A Cute Girl with a Nasty Look

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A Cute Girl with a Nasty Look  (Japanese: 目つき悪い子かわいい子, Hepburn: Since March 20, 2021, Metsuki Warui Ko Kawaii Ko has been available online as a web manga through the author's Twitter and pixiv accounts. Since January 21, 2022, the manga has also been published in print by Kadokawa.

About a cute girl with a nasty look Manga

Authors: Hamita

Artists: Hamita

Genres: Manga , Comedy , Delinquents , Romance , School Life , Slice of Life

Original language: Japanese

Translated language: English

Read direction: Right to Left

Original work: Ongoing

Year of Release: 2021


Tanaka is a student in the high school system, and she is of the opinion that scary girls can actually be cute. In the back of his mind, he harbors a desire to strike up a friendship with Mizuno-san, the miscreant who sits next to him. She has a "nasty look," which has led to rumors being spread about her and has caused her classmates to fear her. At first, she avoids Tanaka, but over time, she has become more receptive to his aggressive attacks. Tanaka has a plan to make her more integrated with their class, but on the day of the school festival, a major disruption takes place.

This criminal is so cute it's ridiculous!

Tanaka-kun, a student in high school, is under the impression that scary girls are actually adorable. Therefore, he makes it a point to sit next to the rogue Mizuno-san in an effort to get closer to her. However, not only does she have a frightening appearance, but she is also the subject of many rumors, and her classmates are terrified of her!!

Tanaka's feverish offensive, despite initially being met with hostility from Mizuno, eventually manages to win over the latter's affections. However, when disaster strikes, Tanaka's plan to assist her in fitting in with the other students in their class during the school festival is jeopardized.



Hamita, who at the time was working on the manga Instant Bullets for Young Jump, had the idea to create a new series altogether. In an interview with Livedoor News, Hamita stated that the initial plot for A Cute Girl with a Nasty Look was more of a fantasy and game of death. However, his editor wanted something more mainstream, and at the time, Young Jump did not have a casual romcom series. Hamita's comments were made in reference to the fact that Young Jump did not have a casual romcom series. It was the first manga by Hamita to be written in the romantic comedy genre.

Because Hamita did not have much experience with dating and romance during his own high school years, he decided to set the series during that time period. While he was smoking some food and thinking about the relationships he had in high school, he came up with the idea of wanting to reclaim some of the emotions he had experienced during his youth through a fantasy. He pictured "two tsunderes who like each other having mental battles with each other." He was taken aback when readers told him that his premise was novel, as he had considered that to be a very standard idea in the field. Also, at first, he wanted to do more intellectual battles like Death Note, but as the story progressed, the theme changed more to "clashing of romantic emotions." Additionally, he has mentioned School Rumble as a source of inspiration for his work.

Character design

The story "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter" served as inspiration for the naming of the characters. He enjoyed reading about princesses, and Mizuno-hime was one of the most well-known stories involving a princess. When he was developing the characters, he explained that Mizuno and Tanaka initially have the same personality and thought process, like twins, which made it simpler for the reader to comprehend what they were saying. After that, he created a greater divide between the two of them. Other characters were developed in the same way, beginning as shallow and template-like before being filled with realistic feelings and drawn from the author's personal experience as well as the experiences of people he knew and others. Contrasting characters, whose internal personalities are different from how they are portrayed on the outside, were particularly appealing to him.

Development and themes

Hamita would begin the process of developing a chapter or story by thinking about emotions, and then she would write about experiencing those emotions, for example, how Mizuno would feel if she were jealous of someone else. After that, he would center the characters and events of the story around that feeling. When he has an experience or feeling that he hasn't yet incorporated into a narrative, he jots it down on a post-it note or in a notebook so that he can use it in the future.

Hamita has stated that his initial intention was to create a manga that would assist office ladies in unwinding, but given that he is an otaku, it appears that this will not happen. In addition, he thinks that the primary purpose of the manga is not to showcase a variety of character gags and reactions but rather to provide the reader with something exciting to experience and to communicate profound truths about the nature of human relationships. According to Hamita, the fact that Tanaka and Mizuno are now in their third year of study marks the beginning of the second half of the story. When asked about the ending, he responded that he is unsure whether he will follow the same path as he did with Mizuno-hime, but that he wouldn't be upset if it took the same path. In the same way that they do in dating simulations, he is thinking about giving each character a final chapter to wrap things up.

Review of

If you have a thing for fictional characters, then you are going to find this guy irresistible. He is extremely well-drawn and has a "hot" appearance, whereas the female protagonist is drawn poorly and has no personality. Because it is a oneshot, the storyline is straightforward and corny; however, if you are looking for something to pass the time, it is an easy read.

I was unable to comprehend the man's reasons for falling in love, and it is implausible that the relationship has lasted for two years. I find it hard to believe that they have been together for so long. Not really all that impressive...

Associated Names

  1. A Cute Girl With a Nasty Look
  2. A Cute Girl With Bad Eyesight
  3. Metsuki Warui Ko Kawaii Ko
  4. 目つき悪い子かわいい子

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A Cute Girl with Nasty Look manga FAQ

Is Cute Girl with Nasty Look  and Metsuki Warui Ko Kawaii Ko same?

Yes, the same .Tanaka-kun is the main Character of the Cute Girl with Nasty Look  Manga (Other Names: Metsuki Warui Ko Kawaii Ko, Hamita).

Who is the female lead of a cute girl with nasty look?

Mizuno-san: is a gorgeous teen with pale skin who is the granddaughter of the owner of the SW Group, a multinational corporation with a global presence. Tanaka, her personal bodyguard, is with her at all times.

Where does a cute girl with nasty look take place?

Tanaka-kun, a student in high school, is under the impression that scary girls are actually adorable. Therefore, he makes it a point to sit next to the rogue Mizuno-san in an effort to get closer to her

A Cute Girl with a Nasty Look in Webtoon?

A Cute Girl with Nasty Look on WEBTOON, US readers will enjoy this Manga.